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How Can You Best Support An Indie Author?

Here are five ways you can help support an Indie Author.

  1. The best way to support an author? Leave a review.
    Even if you have no idea what to say and all you can think is:  I really liked this book. 
    Write that! We love it. If you have ideas of what made the book good, or things you loved, tell that too. Just give warning if you have a spoiler. 

  2. Sign up for their ARC team
    This is a group of people who are given the book before it's released in exchange for an honest review of their book.  These people are vital to the success of Indie Authors. Without their support, our books are not as visible to new people. The more reviews we have, the more book stores push our book (especially if it's good reviews). 

    If you are interested in being an ARC reader, click here. 

  3. Shout your love to the rooftops.
    e on Social Media, give it to a friend. Wherever you are, let people know you loved that book. 

  4. Request it from at your Library.
    Have them order it and stock it! 

  5. And finally, read their book.
    :) Read it and let us know if you enjoyed it. Because we love hearing from our readers. 

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