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Introducing My Series

Blurbs and pseudo blurbs

Follow the Winter's Family and Friends as they navigate the chaos in these steamy contemporary romance novels. 

Of Lilies And Lies

When the past refuses to stay buried, can I trust him enough to protect me?



After my abusive husband vanishes, I move home, hoping to heal my wounds and find myself. 

Instead, I find Greer.

He's different; calming, and soothing in a way I’ve never experienced. He invades my senses with every contact. 

It makes it hard to stop thinking about him. He makes me want his laugh, his hands, his kiss. And more. 

Things I haven’t wanted in a very long time. 

The problem? I don’t know if I can ever trust another person again. 


When 𝘩𝘪𝘴 calling card shows up, can I trust Greer to protect me? 



Getting my business off the ground is the most important thing – blinders on and no distractions.

Except, I meet Kit.

She’s funny, smart, fierce and has more determination than most people I know. And she’s bringing chaos into my life.

When she ends up at my cabin, a snowstorm traps us together. 

Everything about her is guarded. I ache to be the one to soothe her.

And the more she lets me in, the more my soul screams one thing. 


But if I lose focus I might lose it all, my work, my chance at a family. Her. Because without a way to support her, what do I have? 


I better figure it out soon, because the past won’t stay buried and I’m not letting her go. 



Content Warning: This is a dual POV steamy contemporary romance. It contains light suspense, many triggers, and steamy explicit sex scenes. It is intended for mature audiences, that means readers 18+. Please check

Of Echoes and Ashes (working Title)

Ophelia and Simon's story. 

Ophelia is plagued by the past. Memories of her dead fiance and the woman she couldn't save are painted forever in her mind. 

She finds comfort in the dominating arms of her lover, until he says it has to end. 

Now she has to find her fiancé in someone new. Someone who challenges her to move on from the past and face the recurring dreams she has. 

As her new life is uncovered, the past starts to paint a new future. One that is more than she thought she could ever have. 

Can she let go of her fiance, and let love in, or will she be consumed by the past too much to let go?

Of Malice And Maestros
(working title)

Isla Richards has spent the last eight years trapped in darkness- she witnessed her sister's murder, her mother died soon after, and to top it all off the trauma of that night left her blind. 

Afraid of causing her only remaining family member to die, she's pushed down every ounce of fire that she once possessed, to keep the peace. 

When her father falls ill, and she is left alone, her sister's killer returns to finish the job. 

Hired to keep her safe, she finds herself drawn to one of the bodyguards watching her. 

A scarred tortured soul, she sees so much of herself in him, and she can't stay away. 

Can Troy keep Isla safe, while chaos reigns, or will the secrets and lies be her end as well?

Isla and Troy's Story

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