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Worse Guy... I hope there is a Worst Guy

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Worse Guy

By Ruby Dixon

Who is in it?


Crulden The Ruiner

What Should I Watch Out For?

Blood, Gore a bit of swearing, talk of sexual abuse

What's the Story?

Bee really wants to make a difference. On a neutral alien planet, no longer a sexual slave, she can't farm, can't mine, but she can sure make people feel good and solve problems.

Determined to help the human women on this planet, she sets out to become the social worker.

First order of business? Prove she can handle even the toughest people and reform them if needed.

Enter- Crulden the Ruiner.

Ruthless, destructive, completely deadly.

Can she turn him around?

What's the Trope?

  1. Alien Hero

  2. Alpha Hero

What I love about this story...

Holy Moly. I was in a slump. Was I ever in a slump. I DNF three books. Then I found this one.

SPOILER alert- I LOVE ALIEN ROMANCE. Especially Ruby Dixon's.

Bee is awesome, she is fierce and bold and doesn't let a big alien push her around despite her past.

She wants to make a difference on an alien planet and encourages her boyfriend to get her a meeting with the Lord of the planet. He is willing to give her a chance, and her boyfriend and his dickhole of a boss plan to plot against her.

The Lord va'Rin wants her to help with the man they are trying to reform (really, he is being treated horribly by the head guard) in one of the holding facilities.

I love Crulden. He is such a hard asshole in the beginning, but he's just bored. He wants to see what is going to happen when he does things. He has memories of fighting, and women, but has never fought or had a woman.

Oh, he is just a gruff and grumpy, misunderstood asshole. **Sigh**

So Bee, has to work on getting into his room *prison*, by letting her boyfriend who is a complete douche, kiss her. Crulden notices that she has no sultry scents when she kisses her boyfriend and being the completely competitive person he is, decides that if he kissed Bee, which he wants to, that she would get aroused and give the delicious arousal smell for him.

So they make a deal. He will behave and she will eventually give him a kiss.

When Lord va'Rin sees that Crulden is doing really well, he lets Crulden and Bee have a place where she can continue on work on reforming him. He chooses his own name (Victor)

Close proximity, hot alien, hot Bee. Ohhh the sparks fly.

They do everything except have sex (because he has barbs on his cock that would rip her apart) and start falling for each other. Victor realizes that she is his mate, and Bee loves Victor.

With Bee's reports of how well Victor is doing, Lord va'Rin honors his growth and progress by offering him his own place in the far corners of the planet (thinking this is what Victor wanted).

Bee realizes that if she tells Lord va'Rin that she loves Victor, then everyone with think she is dickwhipped and won't believe that Victor really is an amazing man.

Don't worry. It all works out in the end.

This is a hot story. The hotness doesn't happen until the last bit of the story, so it's a slow sensual first 50% and then it was like all bets were off.

So a lot of this book is figuring out what works for Victor, how things work for both of them, and the rehabilitation of Victor. But it doesn't drag. I didn't skim any of it.

I love stories that just suck me in, and this was one. It was so hard to put it down. Ruby Dixon really pulled me into the story, I was lost and loved Victor at the end.

I even love Bee, who is going to sacrifice herself for love, but doesn't have to..

And the final love making scenes? Hot. Hot. Hot.

Go get it.

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