July 2022

I should be writing for August, since it is literally days away but here is the update for this month. :D 

Beta's came back and I was able to make changes, an alternate ending that was better received (But I LOVED my old ending)

  • Finally settled on a name, and one that works with the whole series! 

  • Set up a sneak peak, which I'll be positing at the end of the week. 

  • My newsletter is ready to go, going to start posting it when its time to start promoting. 

  • Waiting on that fabulous cover 

  • Tormenting myself over whether to do a typical man chest cover <-- still doing this

  • Getting my PR stuff set up. 

It's been a full month, and the next few months might get even crazier as I start checking off my launch day checklist. 

I am so freaking excited to share this story with you all.