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July 2023

Whoop Whoop! July has been awesome. 

My monster on Vella is completed and I've had some great feedback. It will eventually be released in KU, but probably not for a few months yet. It's currently getting a Developmental Edit (but still up on Vella). 

If you aren't sure how Vella works, it's pretty easy. It's a pay per episode type of format. Each episode costs tokens that depend on the size of the episode. You can claim 200 tokens free from Amazon, then after that you have to pay for them. 


Sevun is a genetically cloned monster from a pervious race that has been almost wwiped out. Veda is his owners daughter, and his best friend. When he matures he realizes that Veda is his mate and though he fights it, eventually nature takes over and he bites her. 


Does she want it? Will she fight it?

You can find it here: Sevun: A Monster Romance

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